One push at a time…



This is a little funny, depending on your maturity.

As a dietitian, I never thought a large part of my day would be analysing stools (in other words..poo!), and I NEVER thought I would be excited by a formed, smooth or brown colour poo! Many times I have arrived at work and my patients mothers have kept a dirty nappy ready for me, had little urine jars brought to me and seen numerous photos of babies poos! Yes…it is gross, but it is a natural process and for some children passing a ‘stool’ it can be extremely painful, uncomfortable and end up in tears and this could be simply due to lack of fibre and fluid in their diet.

Constipation among children is a common issue and usually happens around the time of toilet training or after a frightening bowel movement!

What will my bub do if they have constipation? 

  • Stomach cramps (pain comes and goes)
  • Your child to feel less hungry than usual
  • Irritable behaviour
  • Anal fissures (small splits of the skin at the anus/bottom) – which cause pain and bleeding at the anus (bottom) when passing poo. Straining (pushing hard) to pass a large, hard poo can cause anal fissures.
  • Holding-on behaviour to avoid doing a painful poo, such as squatting, crossing legs or refusal to sit on the toilet.
  • hHard lumps of poo might be felt when pressing the abdomen

Dietary Changes:

Giving your child enough fibre may help with constipation, here are some ideas to add more fibre to your child’s diet:

  • Aim for at least 2 x fruit serves/day (keep the skin on).
    Fruits with peel such as plums, apples, pears, apricots, peaches have loads of fibre
  • Aim for 3 x vegetables/day
  • Offer wholemeal/wholegrain breads and cereals. bran cereals, shredded wheat and oatmeal. Avoid white breads, refined cereals such as cornflakes and rice bubbles
  • Add prunes to cereals or dilute prune juice with water

Make sure your child drinks lots and lots of water!

Encourage physical activity, moving around will help get the bowels moving

This is a good indicator to rate your child’s bowel motions: 


Hope you did not read this during your dinner time!