Why do people drink their own placenta?

Kim Kardashian did it.
January Jones did it.
Holly Maddison did it.

Has this become the next trendiest superfood since kale?

Recently, placenta eating has gone from a hippie earth mamma trend to a mainstream practice as evidence by the many celebrities mums that are jumping on board. In many cultures around the world, generations of mum’s have believed that the placenta contains all its life-supporting nutrients and vitamins after birth. Placenta is the organ that supplies your little bub with all the food, nutrients and oxygen needed in the womb.

There is the part you consume.

There is the part you consume.

But why would anyone want to eat their own bodily substances?
Mothers that consume their own placentas believe it helps with:
1. Post-natal healing – increases energy levels after birth
2. Aids in lactation – contains hormones (prostaglandin/oxytocin) related to lactation
3. Fights anaemia – contains high levels of iron
4. Improves complexion
However, there is little evidence to support these claims.

Nutrients found in placenta:
Stem Cells – The “master cells” can transform any type of tissues
Iron – essential for oxygen absorption in the cells
Vitamin B6 – making antibodies
Vitamin E – healing damaged skin cells
Oxtocin hormone – the ‘love hormone’ essential for facilitating birth and breastfeeding
CRH – reducing stress levels
Cytokins – fibroblasts that trigger cell metabolism healing and replacing damaged cells and tissues
Prolactin – promotes lactation
Thyroid stimulating hormone – boosts energy and helps recovery from stressful events

How do you eat placenta?
It can be eaten, raw, cooked or died and encapsulated. In some cultures, it can be prepared into a nourishing stew for the new mother. Celebrities have blended pieces of raw placenta into a smoothie/juice to drink each day after child birth. Some choose to consume their placenta in capsule form. It is difficult to find a pharmacist that will produce your placenta into capsules as it is not a regulated process and you need to be mindful about the sanitary handling of placenta it is appropriate to avoid risk of infections.There is no dosage around how much placenta you should take…you should consultant with a professional medical team before taking your placenta.

Enjoying a raw placenta smoothie made with fresh organic berry fruits as soon as possible after birth is the most natural way of consuming the placenta.

Enjoying a raw placenta smoothie made with fresh organic berry fruits as soon as possible after birth is the most natural way of consuming the placenta.

What else can you do with your placenta?
It is not very common for mums to eat placenta. There are a lot mothers that do not consume their own placenta and they are able to breast fed and raise their bub. If you do not eat your own placenta you can always burying the placenta, cremation of the placenta or donate it medical research.

Drinking your own placenta is up to you….there is no right or wrong answer. But if you choose to consume it, make sure you let your health professional team at the hospital know before you leave the hospital.

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