New experiences… foods… tastes……


This week has been all about change.

I have finally kicked started my career in an amazing hospital (The Mater Hospital), moved 957km away from home (Sydney to Brisbane), I have spent more time in my bubble car than on land due to poor navigation skills, lack of GPS, failing iphones and all the one-way/motor ways in Brisbane.

Nevertheless, so far so good…thus far! Things are finally looking up, have found myself a house and going to be enjoying the city-cycle, will probably be the only one in the whole of brisbane zooming down the freeways in the yellow helmets.

This leads me to taste buds and….change.

Taste is one way your bubs and children experience the world, as they grow and develop so do their taste buds.

Your children’s taste buds are forever changing. Recent studies have shown that the sense of taste changes throughout your life, so even though your child may not like vegetables and fruit now…there is still hope! But this does not mean throwing out all of your vegies and fruit in your fridge and waiting till they are 18!  You still need to be persistent and as I have mentioned it could take 10-15 times for a new food to be accepted.

Children are more sensitive to certain tastes than adults but because taste can be subjective, the mechanism that causes taste sensitivity in your young ones can be difficult to analyse. Taste is a composite sense that’s partly determined by the taste buds, but also affected by a food’s aroma, its appearance and even previous experiences with that or similar foods. Therefore, by changing or altering the composition of certain foods that your child my dislike initially may help for the new food to be accepted.

There are myths that taste buds change every 5-7 years…however there are no definite conclusions that this is true, So does anyone have any hard facts for or against the changing tastes every seven years theory?